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How a School Canopy Installation Can Go Wrong

Canopies for schools are a brilliant way of enhancing usable space which can be used for both education and play periods. However, if professionals do not install and create them with pupil experience in mind, they could cause more harm than good.

At Kensington Systems, we pride ourselves on considering all safety elements needed to install safe structures for children. The UK government recognises that school safety is of paramount importance, which is outlined within The School Premises Regulations. This means that canopies must meet the stringent safety criteria that is outlined to ensure their suitability.

If the right considerations have not been made, many things could go wrong with a school canopy installation. Keep reading to find out what could happen and how we operate to eliminate these risks.

School Canopy Installation Problems

1. Leaks

Outdoor canopies are designed to be weatherproof which allows space to be used all year long. Without robust gutter systems, many are susceptible to weather breaches with leaks being the most common. The reality is that these canopies should be as durable as the main building, which includes the guttering system they are finished with.

The Solution? SpaceShade® canopies include high-quality gutters and downpipes which are built into the frame and designed to move any water away from the structure.

2. Movement

Although school canopies are often not made from the same materials as the associated building, they should still be sturdy. The design and materials it’s made from should be durable, long lasting and able to withstand the weather over a long period of time without damage. In other words, the structural integrity should not be compromised easily.

This should be considered when choosing the structure and supplier as offerings on the market do differ a lot. Quality and expertise of the supplier should give you a good idea as to the robustness of the structure.

The Solution? Choose a robust, well designed structure in aluminium or timber

3. Groundworks

It is not just the structure that needs to be properly finished but also the surrounding areas. If groundworks are not of a high standard and drainage requirements are not considered, this could become a hazard to students through either uneven ground surface or excess surface water.

Some companies will use cheap temporary tarmac to keep their costs down, which results in issues later because it’s not designed as a permanent solution.

The Solution? We have several professional groundworks partners that help us to finish projects to a high standard.

4. Loose Rivets and Boltheads

A school canopy is only as strong as the materials that are used. Every detail including the rivets and bolts must be hardwearing and secure fitting to stop any structural movement. They also must be concealed so as not to pose a hazard to children.

The Solution? Every canopy uses top quality materials. To further enhance safety, our Spaceshade® canopies have all fixings concealed within the frame, which offers a safe and durable finish.

5. Roof Damage

Another common problem is unstable roofing on canopies. If the roof structure is not robust, both unintentional debris and human damage from cleaning or access needs, could result in breaks. Only roofing with a minimum non-fragile rating of at least Class B should be used, as this shows that the roof will retain its structure even once it has sustained serious damage.

The Solution? All of our Spaceshade® canopies carry a non-fragile rating of Class B or Class A.

Choose The Right Playground Shelter For Your School

When choosing a school canopy, every safety consideration should be factored into your final decision. The company you select should be aware of all of the issues mentioned above and be able to showcase their way of resolving them.

As you can see from our case studies, we have successfully installed safe and secure school canopies across the UK. This proves our solutions work.

Contact us to discuss your school canopy needs today.

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