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Contemporary Renson Exterior Blinds

Using Renson® external blinds allows architects to design stunning feature-glazing while effectively reducing solar gain. As a Renson®-approved installer, we offer the following:

  • Full Part O compliance
  • Stylish, Fully Motorised Designs
  • Installed by the UK Blinds experts

“Thank you so much for the amazing job you did of those tricky blinds, which are a huge success.”

Sir James & Lady Deirdre Dyson

Benefits of Renson® External Blinds

Helps you to comply with Part O Regs

Full Part O Compliance

  • Reduce Solar Gain – Renson® external blinds are extremely effective at reducing solar gain through your windows, making them ideal for installing over large feature glazed areas and rooflights, to meet Part O regulations for overheating, or for Passivhaus builds.
  • Improve Sustainability – Reducing solar gain has the secondary benefit of reducing energy consumption to cool the house, and improve the sustainability of the design.
Stylish Solutions Clever Design Features

Stylish, Fully-Motorised Design

  • Designed for Function – Renson® blinds are designed to cover large windows and rooflights up to 30m2. The fabric acts as a screen, allowing you to see outside but preventing the sun from coming in.
  • Designed for Aesthetics – The unobtrusive headboxes can be fitted into the window reveal or integrate directly into a soffit. The side channels are slimline and unobtrusive to reduce the visual impact.
Top Quality Low Maintenance

Top Quality, Low Maintenance

  • Engineered in Europe – Renson® are known as innovators and market leaders in the field of external blinds, and offer premium blinds manufactured from high quality materials and robust finishes.
  • Low Maintenance – An emphasis on quality and engineering has resulted in robust, long-lasting external blinds solutions which require only minimal maintenance to work effectively year after year.
Over 40 years

Installed By the UK Blinds Experts

  • Experienced, Competent Installer – We’ve been installing complex blinds projects for domestic and commercial clients for the last 40 years
  • Personal Service – We can provide not just the CAD files and spec sheets, but the expertise and personal service that goes the extra mile – including free site surveys if required.

Renson® External Roller Blinds Features

  • Visibility: Renson® external roller blinds use specialist screen fabric which allows you to see through the window when the blinds are lowered
  • Comfort: Reduce indoor temperature and increase comfort, by blocking heat from entering the house through the windows
  • Covers Large Areas: Can cover large windows up to 30m2
  • Glass-on-Glass Glazing: Install blinds over glass-on-glass corner glazing with Renson® Panovista blinds
  • Weather-Resistant: The motor and all moving components are protected in waterproof aluminium casing. The blinds are designed to withstand gale-force winds of up to 130km/h.
  • Low-Maintenance: Renson® external blinds are engineered to work effectively for years with very little maintenance required.

Renson External Blinds for Homes & Businesses

At Kensington Systems we offer a range of Renson external blinds, suitable for both homes and businesses, designed to offer a stylish solution for windows, with the benefits of reducing solar gain, low maintenance and offering privacy.

Glulam Timber School Canopy

TopFix Max – External Roof Blinds

Renson® TopFix Max is an external blind designed for large rooflights, roof lanterns and sloping glazing

Key benefits are:

  • Weatherproof and windproof up to 130km/h
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Available in sizes up to 30m2 for large areas of glazing
outdoor canopy

Fixscreen External Window Blinds

Renson® Fixscreen is an external blind designed for vertical glazing like large feature windows and glazed walls

Key benefits of Fixscreen external window blinds are:

  • Weatherproof and windproof up to 130km/h
  • Available in sizes up to 22m2 for large areas of glazing
  • Headboxes can be mounted in or outside the window reveal or completely concealed in soffits for a discreet look
Glulam Timber School Canopy

Panovista External Corner Blinds

Renson® Panovista is an external blind specially designed for glass-on-glass corner glazing

Key benefits of Panovista external corner blinds are:

  • Minimalist design without visible cables or profiles
  • Available in sizes up to 30m2
  • Can be used alongside Fixscreen blinds
Renson Case study image

External Renson Blind Case Studies:



Case Study – Bristol Cricket Ground Penthouses

Kensington supplied & installed Renson® Fixscreen external blinds to high-rise penthouses in Bristol.

The homes had large windows designed to take advantage of the views overlooking the cricket ground, but all the glazing was also causing unbearable heat buildup in hot weather.

The new blinds help to keep the penthouses at a consistent, comfortable temperature during the summer months, without requiring air conditioning or sacrificing the view.

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