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Rolshade Roller Blinds

Commercial roller blinds and contract roller blinds

Improve the efficiency, comfort and appearance of your property by installing commercial blinds from Kensington. We offer a range of office roller blinds designed for every purpose and for all types of establishment. Whether you own a store, a restaurant, or any other commercial property, our Rolshade™ blinds are a good investment.

The Kensington Rolshade™ range was designed and developed to meet the demands of today’s commercial roller blind market. Flexible in application, modern in design and uncompromising in quality and performance, our commercial window blinds are the ultimate addition to your property.

A suite of made-to-measure commercial roller blinds available in the range give the consumer a complete package of controls and options. Manual and automatic units are available to meet your preferences and the requirements of your facility. Kensington allows you to get the exact blinds you need for your property.

Commercial applications

Our commercial window blinds are ideal for a wide range of properties, including those in the education, healthcare, government, retail, commercial and public sector. In addition to reducing the amount of sunlight passing through the windows, these blinds give your property a distinctive and attractive look.


Here is the best part: we have a team of trained personnel to handle the installation work. We will ensure your system works properly before we leave your property. Our after-sales service team is always available to provide assistance and support on issues related to our products.

**important note to specifiers** Due to the varying options available with this range, please call us to check if product is suitable for your application before specifying, we will be very happy to assist and give more specific info on installation/product options, complete with budget prices. For more information on our range of Commercial Roller Blinds and Contract Roller Blind contact us on 0117 958 9933.

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Commercial roller blinds and contract roller blinds – Key features

Our commercial window blinds come with a variety of impressive features, giving you more options for your specific application. No matter what type of property you have, there is a blind for you here at Kensington. Key features include:

  • Spring boosters: Available in stop and non-stop versions.
  • Chain Controls: Smooth, quiet and durable in operation.
  • Motorisation: Compatible with small to medium sized tubular motors.
  • Boxes: Fully enclosed head boxes available in two separate sizes.
  • Twin Systems: The ultimate in functionality.
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