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What is Part O and How Can External Blinds Provide A Solution?

Have you ever been stuck at work when it’s roasting hot? As the UK summers get warmer, increasing by 0.26°C per decade, now is the time to tackle building overheating issues. This is one of the reasons that Part O has been introduced to the government’s updated Building Regulations.

As experts in commercial blinds at Kensington Systems, we understand how this can be confusing for some people, given the complexity of the rules. Keep reading to discover what this means for you and how external blinds can help you keep cool and in control.

What is Part O?

Part O was introduced to the Building Regulations in 2022 to prevent overheating within buildings. The rules cover residential and commercial properties to protect individuals’ welfare.

Limiting solar gain within a room is deemed the most sustainable way of reducing this issue, along with new regulations relating to building heating systems. These rules are fundamental for architects to consider within commercial and residential spaces as they relate to wider health and safety regulations, which could cause companies to become liable if they are not fully compliant. In residential spaces, being able to control the indoor temperature is also important as it allows for efficient use of utilities and makes for more comfortable conditions.

Why Is Overheating a Problem?

When you think of overheating, you likely consider the main problem to be feeling uncomfortable. However, the effects of overheating extend far beyond this, including;

  • Staff find it harder to concentrate, which makes for less productive teams.
  • Overheating can put pressure on the heart and other vital organs due to the stress the body is placed under.
  • Excessive heat also removes moisture from the air, which can cause breathing problems.
  • Internal building issues such as peeling paint or broken electrical items can also result from too much heat exposure.
  • More energy is used for devices such as fans and air conditioning units which is bad for our environment.

How Do Outdoor Blinds Work?

Installing external blinds is one of the most effective solutions to comply with Part O regulations.

As the name would suggest, they are fitted outside of windows to offer enhanced heat protection. External blinds work more efficiently than internal blinds by successfully reflecting heat from the sun away before it can increase the temperature in a building.

Reducing the need to cool down a room, they ensure that temperatures can be controlled without additional mechanical cooling like air conditioning.

External blinds come in many different designs and colours, which is another reason that they are the preferred choice by many architects. Whether you have regular-size windows to cover or large curtain walling panels, there is an outdoor blind solution for you.

Proving that the best resolution is prevention, external blinds are easy to control and keep indoor temperatures comfortable without the ongoing expense and emissions caused by constant air conditioning use. The high performance fabrics used reflect heat but allow light into the building and also offer privacy. Also weather-proof, with some light ongoing maintenance they will keep your building, and its residents, cool for years to come.

Choose The Right External Blinds For Your Building

You can explore our range of Renson® external blinds here. Kensington are approved UK installers of Renson® external blinds, which are known for their market-leading quality and engineering. These premium solutions offer many unique features which ensure the effectiveness of external fitting products. Some of the features are as follows:

TopFix Max: This is an external blind designed for large rooflights, roof lanterns and sloping glazing. Commonly, finding window coverings for these unique windows can be complex, but not with this solution. They are weatherproof, require little maintenance and available in sizes up to 30m2 for large areas of glazing.

Fixscreen: This is a blind designed for vertical windows and sliding doors. Designed to be self-standing, the blinds do not require additional support and are available in sizes up to 22m2.

Panovista: This unique external blind system is designed for wall to wall corner glazing where uninterrupted views are desired. The clever design locks two fabric panels together as they are lowered.

For us, the style of blind, size, and material is all vitally important as getting just one of these components wrong could result in an ill-fitting product that doesn’t do the job that you need. To find out more, get in touch with us today. We offer free consultations and bespoke services to ensure that you can become compliant quickly and easily.

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