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Funding for School Canopies

If you are looking for ways to fund your school canopy, you may apply for funding from grant making trusts and funding providers. There are many organisations that provide funds for schools such as local community groups, health bodies and non-profit groups who want to improve the learning experience of future generations.

Who Provides Grant Funding?

The first step to finding out about the latest grant funding opportunities is to compile a list of resources that regularly or annually offer school grants. Some of the main school grants in the UK are available from the following:

  • Private companies and charity grants – There are private, commercial and charity companies that provide grants for schools that need funds to improve the appearance and function of their indoor and outdoor space. The Tree Council and the Foyle Foundation are some of the companies that offer grants.
  • European Funding – This type of funding involves structural funds or community initiatives.
  • Single Regeneration Budget – This is intended to fund regeneration initiatives such as schemes that develop a positive environmental impact for schools.
  • Lottery Funding – This includes funds from councils such as sports, arts and the National Heritage.
  • Trust Funds – There are many UK trust funds that provide small or local awards to support various school resource and equipment needs.

Tips in Securing a Grant

There are various stages in applying for a grant. The more planning involved, the better are your chances of securing the grant for your school equipment or outdoor improvement project. Here are some tips to successfully secure a grant:

  • Plan ahead of time – Make sure to plan as early as possible as securing a grant can take several months.
  • Do Your Research – Research about the organisation you are applying to for the grant. Find out their policies, what grant sizes are available and who they have previously provided grants to.
  • Explain the Benefits – Your grant provider will want to know how funding will benefit your school in the long run, so focus on the specific benefits throughout your application.
  • Detail Your Budget – Make sure to indicate the exact amount required to fund your project. Presenting a chart or detailed table that specifies all expenses will make your application more comprehensive.
  • Spread the Word – The more people that know about your project, the more public interest you will gain. This may help you get more offers for funding.

If you have enquiries about securing a grant, give us a call on +44 (0)117 958 993.

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