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School Canopies and Playground Shelters

Kensington designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of outdoor canopies for schools across the UK.  Our installation services are available for all types of schools including early years to primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities.  We take pride in the quality of our canopies, and the reliability of our installation work.  Call us today and we can talk about the best type of canopies and playground shelters for your school, or see the further in-depth information and videos on this page.

Providing a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment is one of the primary goals of every school.  Students need a great place to study, rest and have fun.  Our canopies make ideal extensions of the classroom or canteen.  They provide a relaxed and interesting environment, make full use of space and add interesting dimensions to teaching.

Canopy For School

The Great Outdoors

At Kensington, we ease the strain on classrooms and promote outdoor learning with school canopies. Ideal for nursery, primary and secondary schools, our range of canopies allows schools to make the most of their outdoor space and create a diverse, fun learning environment for their students.

Aluminium Shelters – Fixed-Frame Finish

Our best-selling school canopies are built with aluminium fixed-frame triple-wall polycarbonate systems. They are durable and low-maintenance, making them a good alternative to steel or tensile fabric options. Available in three configurations, SpaceShade canopies give outdoor learning spaces great flexibility and excellent UV and weather protection.

Outdoor Canopies for Schools

Benefits of Our School Canopies and Playground Shelters

Outdoor Comfort

Kensington’s school canopy protects students and teachers from glaring sunlight allowing them to enjoy being outdoors. This promotes outdoor learning. Ensure the comfort of students and teachers today.

Bespoke Options

At Kensington, customisation is key. We tailor canopies for schools based on what each education centre needs. We provide canopy solutions that make the outdoor environment conducive to learning throughout a longer part of the academic year.

UV Protection

Primary school students enjoy playing outside while older students like to take a break outdoors. So, we provide shelter roofs that protect all students from the harsh glare of the sun and the harmful ultraviolet exposure that comes with it.

Total Weather Protection

Our school canopies not only provide shade from the sun. They also protect students and teachers from bad weather. This means enhanced protection from strong winds and rains while people move from different buildings along school grounds.

Unmatched Quality

Our success comes from the quality of our canopies and the service we provide. Our team conducts market research and gathers case studies to find out what type of canopy schools need the most.

Versatile Usage

Our school canopies go beyond providing shade for students and teachers moving across school grounds. Our shelter roofs can be used to create an outdoor dining space or to provide cover for outdoor equipment storage. Explore their versatility now.

Long-Lasting Materials

At Kensington, our school canopy is made of lacquered aluminium that’s tough and long lasting. It’s also very low maintenance. It can be powder coated in any colour to match the existing school building and grounds.

Stylish Looks

A good looking school canopy makes a stunning first impression and is a pleasing welcome to students. This is why we create a clean stylish look that complements the school buildings and the overall design of the school grounds.

Canopies for Early Years or Nurseries

Our school canopies can transform unused outdoor space into an ideal shelter for young children. Our shade and shelter products protect nursery students from harmful UV radiation so that they can comfortably spend time outdoors. These canopies also protect them from strong winds.

Canopies for Primary Schools

As children grow older and become more curious of their surroundings, their schools have the responsibility to make outdoor spaces safer and more comfortable. This includes the installation of high-quality primary school canopies that give students a space to learn and play outside the four walls of a classroom.

Outdoor Shelters for Schools
School Shelter Canopies

Canopies for Secondary Schools

At secondary school, students want to socialise with their friends and have some fresh air in between classes. There is no better and safer place for them to do so than on school grounds. Our canopies for schools provide shade and shelter so students can comfortably spend time outdoors while on lunch break or after classes.

Canopies for Colleges

College marks the beginning of more rigorous preparation for the real world. Students would certainly appreciate college grounds which are both visually pleasing and functional. Our school canopies find the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Canopies Universities

Universities have various people, from students, professors and visitors all moving around at all the times. Our canopies for schools provide shade to make the outdoors more comfortable for them all at whatever time of day and whatever the weather.

Available In Large Projections

For quick and economical canopy solutions to match your large property, we offer a maximum projection of up to six metres with no maximum length required.

School Canopy

Large Span Options

With Kensington’s outdoor canopy system, you can achieve a massive unsupported span width of up to seven metres between posts using integral steel I beams within the front lintel.

School Canopies UK

Outdoor Classrooms

Our school canopies and lean-to canopy range create an excellent outdoor learning environment, easing the strain on large classroom groups, and improving the aesthetics and efficiency of the school.

Aluminium Frame Fixed School Canopies

The aluminium frame-fixed school canopy system with triple-wall polycarbonate offers a low-maintenance solution that is far better value for money than steel and tensile fabric options. The integral drainage channel allows rainwater to be managed efficiently. The polycarbonate roof is available in three different varieties, to give flexibility in all light levels, and UV protection. All three models also have a 65kg/sqm snow-loading capacity.

High Quality Outdoor Canopies for Schools
Playground Shelters

Modular Outdoor Canopies For Schools

Kensington’s outdoor school shelter uses a modular, universal design and removes any costly engineering and turnkey fabrication costs normally found with tensile and steel fabric structures.

Combining the comforts of the indoors and the calming environment of the outdoors, our outdoor shelters for the UK’s schools take the learning outside.

Our outdoor canopies come in three models, each with its own combination of features: the Spaceshade Max, the Spaceshade Lux and the Spaceshade Lite. With various frame options, glazing options and features such as integral lighting and a certified non-fragile roof, our modular aluminium systems surpass traditional steel structures when it comes to aesthetics, versatility, maintenance and costs.

Watch our Spaceshade overview video

Watch our Spaceshade technical video

Watch Kensington install a School Canopy:

Watch Kensington install a Playground Shelter:

Efficient project coordination with architects and contractors

Kensington has over 30 years of experience in providing schools with smart and cost-efficient indoor and outdoor solutions as well as metal garden canopy products.

From primary schools to universities, we’ve helped designers and contractors develop outdoor extensions of learning areas, giving them advice on our SpaceShade models and their ancillary features. Our commitment to client satisfaction allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Optional Add-ons

You can opt for additional accessories or equipment when you purchase a canopy from us. Our extras include lighting, heaters and side infill sections that increase the functionality of your shelter during the colder seasons.

25-year life expectancy

We have a 10-year guarantee for all our school canopies. They have an expected life-span of at least 25 years, ensuring long-lasting outdoor solutions for your school. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Types of School Canopies and Playground Shelters

We offer different types of tensile fabric that are perfect for all schools throughout the UK. We install bespoke canopies based on your requirements and site. As a result, we turn your school into an ideal place for learning. Choose a school canopy that matches your requirements from our comprehensive range.

Fixed School Canopies and Shelters

Do more with your space by adding fixed canopies to your school. Kensington’s canopies for schools feature a unique modular system. We are proud to have a system that improves upon traditional steel structures in costs, maintenance, flexibility and overall aesthetics, and that can be used as a playground shelter, outdoor classroom, or school canopy.

Lean-To School Canopies

Our lean-to school canopy system is a durable and cost-effective way to expand the recreational and learning areas outside of the school building. Our canopy provides protection from the weather and a comfortable area where students and teachers can take shelter from the rain or sun.

Playground Shelters

All of the aluminium and wooden canopies on this page can be used as sturdy playground shelters, providing substantial year-round protection from all kinds of UK weather, including rain, wind, and sunshine.

Benefits of All Types of School Canopies

As the warm weather approaches, we all love to be outside!  With a canopy at your school, you and your students can enjoy all the benefits that come with an outdoor classroom.

Keep your classrooms cool as your canopy acts as a shade from the glare of the sun.

And even if the weather isn’t all that nice, you can still access some fresh air while staying dry!

Create a dry, slip-free walkway between buildings to ensure you, your staff, and your students are safe at all times. 

A quick and easy alternative to the regular extension.

B 1237523 HDR

A Straightforward Design Process

Fixed or freestanding?
Decide if you want your shelter attached to a wall or freestanding.

Select your system
Check the suitability of the desired mode for its intended use and with existing facilities.

Meet design criteria
Decide on design criteria such as fragility, glazing and material specifications.

Specify your canopy
Let us know your requirements by calling +44 (0) 117 958 9933.

For more information on our Spaceshade canopy system:

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