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Promote Biking with Durably Designed Cycling Shelters

Cycling to school or work has innumerable benefits for both your health and the environment. Bikes are relatively inexpensive and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it is a convenient transportation option.

Along with our wide range of office blinds, louvred roofs and canopies, Kensington also provides high-quality cycling shelters suitable for schools, and other commercial or residential sites. Our bike shelters are modular and provide secure storage and weather protection for your bicycles.

The addition of a bike shelter to your premises provides your students, guests or employees with a safe and convenient place to park their bicycles.

Elk Oslo Cycle Shelter internal view

The Health Benefits of Cycling

Cycling improves health and fitness. According to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, at least 30 minutes of cycling a day is enough to maintain good health if coupled with a balanced diet.

Cycling is an easy, low-impact exercise. It creates less strain than more intense forms of activity or exercise and minimises the chances of you getting injured. While you are pedalling, your whole body is at work as it uses all of the major muscle groups. This allows you to burn more calories and stay healthy.

Cycling is also great for improving your strength and endurance. As an aerobic exercise, it builds muscle and increases stamina. You can easily control how hard you want to exercise, it can be a low-intensity workout or scaled up to be more physically demanding.

The Environmental Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is time efficient and replaces time spent sitting inside vehicles into a healthy way of quickly getting to where you need to go. As a pollution-free mode of transport, you save on fuel and limit the emission of greenhouse gases. In fact, cycling just 10km a day can save as much as 1,500kg in greenhouse gas emissions.

It also improves traffic flow as it creates fewer vehicles on the road. This means less congestion and shorter commute times.

With a quality bike shed, you can do your part in promoting the switch from driving to cycling. Contact us today to learn more about our cycling sheds and other product lines.

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