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Modular Canopies

Ofsted, which takes outdoor play into account in its ratings, urges that learning outside should be fun, as well as stimulating, and that it should take place all year round. One easy, effective way you can comply with these recommendations is with a modular canopy providing a sheltered outside space.

Essentially, this means a standard design made with regulation components cut to suit the customer’s desired sizes and requirements, rather than a bespoke canopy designed and made to order. And there are numerous benefits to modular units, from ease of fitting to shorter lead times and flexible installation. So installing one will do far more than just keep Ofsted happy.

The benefits of installing a canopy at your school

Here are some further benefits you can look forward to when you incorporate a canopy into your school:

  • Easy to fit in restricted spaces

Clearly, no school enjoys unlimited room in which to house its facilities. But fitting a modular school canopy is hassle-free, even where your space is restricted or hard to access. For example, you may have an internal courtyard which can only be accessed via the main school building. The innovative design and streamlined packaging of modular canopies allows access to these spaces more readily than a bespoke version, which might often have awkwardly shaped components and be difficult to transport due to its weight. Equally, the area it creates will remain safe, dry and away from the sun’s harmful UV rays, so it’s perfect for outside learning or play any day of the school year.

  • Canopies can be expanded at a later date

One of the beauties of modular canopy structures for schools is their flexibility. If you decide you want to expand them, for example so that more children can use them at the same time, or because you want to add some room for picnics as well as play, the modular nature of these units makes that perfectly  possible. For example, additional sections can be added to blend in with the existing structure – they won’t look like obvious add-ons.

  • Flexible installation: holiday or term-time installation

If you’re keen to have your canopy up and prefer not to wait until the holidays roll around, you don’t have to. At Kensington Systems, we offer speedy term-time installations. Our teams are fully DBS-checked, plus we’ll make sure there’s minimal disruption to the working life of your school. And we can have a surveyor on-site at your premises within five working days.

  • Rapid lead times compared to bespoke manufacture

Modular canopy solutions for schools from an operator like us at Kensington Systems are quicker to fit than bespoke models. That means you can get your children under cover outside, playing or learning, in double-quick time, sometimes as little as four or five weeks from placing your order.

  • Reduced manufacturing time and transport costs, reducing emissions and environmental impact

Ready-to-fit canopies are quick to produce and are transported flat-packed – i.e. they take up minimal space, saving time and money during the manufacturing and transportation processes. This reduces environmental footprint considerably when compared with a bespoke design.

Canopies for schools

These are just some of the benefits of our modular canopies for schools – others include their durability, cost-effectiveness and smart appearance. You can also use these canopies for storing items such as play equipment, as well as creating additional space for pupils.

Talk to us at Kensington System about which of our high-quality solutions would best suit your school, and book your site survey today, without charge or obligation.

School canopy

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