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Permanent outdoor shade structures

Shades, Shelters and Street furniture for the Commercial Sector

For over 30 years, Kensington has consistently provided premium-grade commercial shades and permanent outdoor shade structures and blinds with excellent customer service. We have recently extended our product range to include commercial walkway covers, cycle shelters and street and park furniture, and have steadily gained the trust of commercial businesses, including leading architects and contractors. Our portfolio includes projects and partnerships with world-renowned companies, where we provided their built assets with comprehensive indoor and outdoor solutions. 

Comprehensive Solutions

Kensington’s range of products makes office spaces more comfortable, more beautiful and ultimately more liveable. We meet a wide range of (architectural)? demands with our shading systems, commercial canopies and street and park furniture.


We understand that when it comes to dressing office windows, function and aesthetics go hand in hand. Our range of commercial shades and blinds give any type of office professional sophistication. Whether you want clean understated lines or a comforting traditional window dressing, we provide high-quality shades that make offices more beautiful and comfortable. 

Commercial Canopies and Shelters         

No valuable space is wasted with Kensington’s commercial canopies and shelters. Our range of products helps companies extend their indoor areas and build high-quality walkways with our canopies and walkway covers. We also have shelters that protect cycles from theft and the elements.

permanent outdoor shade structures

Street and Park Furniture

We help architects and contractors add functional features to commercial exteriors with street and park furniture. Ranging from classic to contemporary design, our outdoor seats, benches, tables, planters and other outdoor furniture can easily be matched to a building’s façade and overall theme. All products are high-grade and built for high traffic commercial use.

Kensington is your partner in making office spaces great places to work in. View our range of products and contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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