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School Canopy: How It Enhances Student Quality of Life

Children are in school between 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon—when daily ultraviolet (UV) rays are at their peak. Schools, therefore, are likely setting the stage for children’s development of both different types of skin cancers later in life.

In England, many educational institutions have found a solution: canopies. These structures provide the ultimate protection for students doing a lot of walking throughout the day, going from room to room, waiting for the school bus, and hanging out before and after class.

But apart from UV protection and improved health, how else can canopies assist in enhancing the students’ quality of life?

More Learning Opportunities

Canopies provide a more usable space, and are a more cost-effective option than building more rooms. Canopies also allow for messier activities, which mean students get to enjoy fun, interactive lessons; they can do outdoor play and exercise in any weather as well, which promotes student to nature/environment interaction.

Cooler Classrooms

Using canopies to shade the windows from the sun not only reduces air conditioning use and saves energy, but also creates a more comfortable environment for students. Canopies can reduce glare on the screens as well.

Safe, Dry Walkways and Waiting Areas

Because canopies make walkways dry, they help reduce slipping accidents, as students will not be tempted to run from classroom to classroom and building to building to avoid getting wet.

In addition, canopies double up as a shelter for students and parents during bad weather, as these provide dry, comfortable and cosy waiting areas.

Increased UV protection, more learning opportunities, cooler classrooms, and safe walkways and waiting areas for students—if these do not convince you to invest in canopies, we do not know what will. At Kensington, we offer a range of shelter and canopy products all built to the highest standard.

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