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School dining canopy with retractable blinds

Do you need planning permission for a covered walkway?

At Kensington Systems, we offer walkway canopies for clients who want to make their outdoor areas more usable. Whether you are a corporate business wanting to extend your premises or a busy school needing more covered areas for pupils, all needs can be met with these versatile structures.

Planning permission is confusing for many, with different rules applied in various scenarios, which can make the whole process overwhelming. In the first few months of the year, more than 87,000 planning permission decisions were made in the UK.

We often get asked if this process for permission needs to be followed when a covered walkway is required – read on to find out.

What Permission Is Required for a Covered Walkway?

Let’s dive straight into why you are here. Do you need planning permission for a covered walkway if you are a commercial or educational business?

The answer is yes, you probably do, but the process is relatively simple. As the structure is a permanent addition, depending on the form of design you choose, we recommend you seek planning consent before building work commences.

It is important to note before we start that your proposed installation may fall under permitted development guidelines. For schools, this means that anything less than 5m tall, located more than 5m from the site boundary, and less than 100sqm or 25% of the floor area of the building, (whichever is less), is not likely to need planning permission.

Authorisation to proceed comes in two stages. Firstly, if applicable to your situation, landowner permission needs to be obtained for putting up the structure. Once that is obtained, a simple planning permission process via your local authority is essential. To submit this, you will typically just need to provide the structure details, building information, landowner authorisation, and reason for wanting the walkway. The main reason for incorporating this canopy is to improve usable space and conditions for individuals; this is typically a relatively simple process. Things are also made more accessible when you work with a professional company, such as Kensington Systems, as all of the proper information can be provided at the start of the application so as not to incur any costly delays to the building work.

Once you have permission, you can proceed with the project, given the parameters that have been authorised.

What Types of Canopies Fall Under This Category?

Any canopies that require building work and offer a permanent extension to a building will require planning permission.

We offer an array of walkway canopies with a choice of different features. You can choose a standard design or customise with additions such as solar panels or side walls to make the most of your new walkway.Other canopies for schools, such as playground canopies and dining area canopies, would also fall under this category.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Covered Walkway?

For Commercial Businesses

  • Visitors and employees are all offered additional protection from the elements when attending your site, which makes for a good first impression. It shows you care about attendees and says a lot about a business.
  • Covered walkways also look sleek and professional, improving the brand image of a commercial business.
  • Buildings can be connected and offer an easy and weather-resistant way to navigate a site.

For Schools, Colleges, and Universities

  • Pupils have a covered area that can be used at break times.
  • Students can move around sites quickly and without delay if the weather is bad, meaning no late starts to lessons.
  • The walkways can help to relieve overcrowding in corridors if a lot of students are moving around at once, for example when lessons change or at break times.

How Can Kensington Systems Help With the Process?

Our team is well-versed in the planning permission needed for building a covered walkway.

As such, we offer a detailed site survey and design process that considers all your requirements. They can also offer support with the permission process and provide any extra information about your walkway needs if required.

Contact us to learn more and to start your walking covering project today.

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