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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Is your school desperately needing a canopy or shade sail but struggling to find the funds to make the dream a reality? School budgets are restrictive; sometimes, it is a matter of the chicken and the egg when justifying an investment.

Instead of waiting for government grants and handouts, it is a great idea to be proactive and take matters into your own hands. How can you do that, we hear you ask? With a good old-fashioned fundraiser!

People love helping worthy causes, and what could be deemed more important than a school or other form of education environment that directly impacts a child’s development? Furthermore, showing what the money is being raised for and sharing all of the benefits that the pupils stand to gain is a great way to tug the heartstrings of new and existing donors.

What Methods of Fundraising Can Be Used For Schools?

Before you set up your event, it’s important to consider how you are going to be raising the money. There are lots of brilliant online platforms around which can be used to manage the process, it is just down to you to decide how the money is actually raised.

Fundraising methods for schools can include the following:

  • Auctions (Online and In-person)
  • Prize Draws and Raffles
  • Pledge Drives
  • Donations
  • Ticket Sales to Events

Top School Fundraising Ideas

Once you have decided how you are going to raise the money, now comes the fun bit, event planning!

Hold a themed day in which pupils pay a donation to take part.

Everyone loves the traditional non-school uniform day, a great way to raise money. Even if each pupil paid £1, you could stand to raise lots of money.

To make it more interesting, try adding a themed day that aligns with the curriculum. You can also send home some information to parents about why money is being raised and encourage (in a non-pushy way) higher donations to be provided in exchange for a fun day at school with a difference.

Host an online auction for parents and relatives to interact with.

Holding an online auction is also a great idea as it can be held over a period of a few weeks for maximum exposure time. Ask local businesses to donate prizes and let the bidding war commence!

Coffee mornings

Parents and their families can attend school for a social occasion. As well as using it to raise money, you can use it to have some brilliant discussions that benefit everyone.

You can encourage each person to bring in a bake and then charge a low price for each slice or sweet treat. This will raise money and create a positive, unified culture for which the school will become known.

Quizzes and competitions

Similar to the previous point, you can also run quizzes and different competitions to bring in some money. This could be online, in paper form, or even in person depending on your calendar. People love getting involved and being social so it’s a great way to bring interest to your cause.

Discos and dances

Lastly, why not use a school disco as a way to raise money. You can charge per ticket and also have paid for experiences at the event such as a photo booth. Parents will be happy to donate in exchange for their children having a brilliant time!

The Secondary Benefits of Fundraising

There are many more fundraising ideas for schools out there, but these ideas can get you started. Fundraisers also have more benefits than just raising money. They help to develop a fun, positive culture in the school.

And raising money for school projects like a canopy is a great way to foster links between the school and parents and the local community. Research has shown that when parents become more involved in their child’s education, it leads to a whole range of positive effects, including better behaviour, greater confidence and self-esteem, and improved academic results. In short, engaging the  whole school community in fundraising efforts not only generates money for school projects but improves pupil engagement and results.

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