We want your views about our sector, the future and how we can work better for you.

Why? We’ve taken time during the Coronavirus outbreak to think about our industry after this crisis, what we do, how we do it and – most of all – how we can help not just clients but also the entire sector.

If you have something to contribute simply pick up the phone and say hi. We love hearing how our clients, and everyone in the sector, is doing in case we can share any tips or even just encouragement from our own decades of construction industry experience.


What We’ve Been Doing During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As well as phoning our clients simply to check how they are doing, we listened when many customers telling us they have struggled to source some PPE and sanitising items. That’s why we adapted our business from supplying shade and shelter expertise to also using supply chain contacts to source hard to find items.

We’ve also been carrying out a ‘blank sheet’ internal review to think about:

-The products and services we offer

-How we work

-What the construction sector will need

-How we can support clients and the industry during, and after, the Coronavirus outbreak

Every View is Welcome: Have Your Say

Although we’ve spoken to many of our clients, old and new, during the last few weeks we also want to hear about your experiences, your challenges right now and the issues you think you’ll face in the coming months and years.

Our internal meetings have a ‘nothing is off the table’ ethos. So, if we can help we’ll work to find a way to do so.

Ultimately, for all of us the health of our industry is the fuel for our success when life returns to normal. We’ve all worked through the highs and lows of the sector and will come back stronger than ever.

Lean on us today, tell us how we make a difference right now and on your journey back to normality tomorrow.

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