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Combining Convenience and Aesthetics: Designing Your Cycle Shelter

Cycling to school or work has many benefits. For children, it develops independence and a sense of caution and responsibility. For adults, it is a good source of exercise, especially for those who spend most of their working hours sitting.

Providing a cycle shelter for your students or employees is a great way of promoting cycling. This is also a great way to add value to your property. If you are considering adding a cycle shed to your site, here is a guide you can follow.

Find a visible and convenient location.

Bikes are prone to vandalism or theft. Cyclists want to feel that their bikes will still be there when they get back and that they won’t be damaged in any way. Placing the cycle shelter in a highly visible area gives good natural surveillance and deters thieves and vandals.

In large schools or workplaces, it is better to find numerous locations to place small clusters of shelters than housing all bikes in one large area.

Consider weather conditions.

Cycle shelters, as opposed to uncovered stands, give bikes protection from different weather conditions. With the UK’s frequent rain, providing covered shelter to bikes prolongs the life of the bike. This also gives cyclists the convenience of returning to a dry bike.

Consider security, accessibility and efficiency.

A good cycle shelter can accommodate all types of bicycles. The spacing of bikes has to be considered to prevent users from snagging each other’s cables or handlebars. If locking mechanisms are provided, they have to be easy to operate, and instructions have to be placed in the shelter.

Incorporate your school or workplace’s brand or match your design with existing architecture.

When it comes to design, you can incorporate your school colours or your business’ branding. This can enforce school pride or boost employee morale. You can also match your cycle shelter’s look with the architecture of the buildings for aesthetic cohesion.

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