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 Louvashade vertical blinds in Cardiff, Wales

Vertical blinds are a brilliant option for corporate spaces due to their professional look and versatility. These timeless staples have been around within offices for decades for one main reason; they do the job, and they do it well!

With many companies realising that altering workspaces positively impacts productivity, choosing the right vertical blinds is just one of the many solutions we recommend. It is more complex than selecting the right colour, instead, consideration is needed for a few different elements if you want to avoid re-investing in blinds in a few years.

As experts in all things window coverings and more, at Kensington Systems, we know a thing or two about selecting the perfect blinds for a business. If you want some guidance to help you make the right decision, continue reading.

What Should You Take Into Account When Choosing Vertical Blinds For Your Office?

Our top five considerations take into account usability and styling, as we think a balance of both is achievable when you select the right vertical blinds for you. You can also check out our case studies to see how companies across the UK have used vertical blinds to help control heat levels and light pollution.

When selecting the ideal vertical blind for you, you should contemplate the following:

1. Operational Usability

When it comes to vertical blinds you have two options; manual or motorised. A manual blind is more traditional and can be operated with a chain, wand or crank handle. If you want a low cost option, this is the solution for you.

If you have a larger area to cover or have a higher-specification office, then a motorised option would work perfectly.

2. Purpose

Are you looking to improve security or in need of some shade during the sunniest hours?

The intended purpose of the blinds will also inform your fabric choice. A blackout fabric is ideal for light control, while dimout and screen fabrics are a good option for providing privacy and reducing glare.

We also recommend considering your window type at this point. If you have large windows, a vertical blind might not be ideal for your needs. However, if your windows are an unusual shape, vertical blinds can work well, because they are made up of individual louvres (the strips of fabric that make up a vertical blind) which can each be cut to size as required.

3. Style

While style isn’t the only thing to consider, it’s still a factor for consideration. Vertical blinds come in a wide range of colours, meaning you can dress up your office windows to suit the rest of your decor.

Different fabrics come in different colour ranges, so the colour choice may vary depending on the fabric used and its intended purpose.

Gallery verts close up

4. Installation

As with any office upgrade, you can fit yourself or with professional help. However, vertical blinds can be tricky to install without prior experience, so we always recommend having expert assistance.

If you plan on a self-installation, this should be considered when choosing the product, as a simpler system would best match your needs.

5. Users

By their very design, which includes a lot of small components, vertical blinds are prone to damage. This means that vertical blinds are not recommended in environments where children could use them (like school classrooms) or where they could be vandalised (like public areas). If vertical blinds could be prone to damage in your chosen location, roller blinds would be a better solution instead. Find out more about choosing roller blinds here.

6. Maintenance

Finally, we think you should understand the maintenance needs from the outset.

Whilst vertical blinds offer a robust and long-lasting solution, they do require continual maintenance and checks. They quickly be damaged, becoming easily twisted or caught up, and often prone to vandalism.

Cleaning is simple, with a damp cloth offering a way to remove dust build-up. However, due to the number of fabric panels, this can also take a fair amount of time, so be sure you can maintain the cleanliness so that dirt doesn’t cause larger problems.

Motorisation Window Controls

Why Should You Choose Vertical Blinds From Kensington Systems?

These space-saving and timeless blinds offer a brilliant shading solution offices.

We offer a full catalogue of vertical blinds to select from, with bespoke sizing and complex fitting being no issue for us. You can find out more here.

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