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Canopies for Schools

Solar Panels for Schools – Fitted with our range of canopies

A Solar PV canopy has solar panels fitted on the roof. It allows you to generate renewable energy while also creating a useful outdoor space.

Our Unique Offer Includes the Following:

  • Canopy and Solar PV panels installed together
  • Groundworks and connection to the grid included
  • New Installations and Retrofits

‘The canopies installed at our new school are very robust and look fantastic’

Facilities Manager – Bristol School

Benefits of Installing a Solar PV Panel Canopy at Your School

Cut your CO2 emissions 1

Cut Your CO2 Emissions

  • A solar PV panel canopy offers a unique way to help schools to decarbonise , saving you thousands of kilograms of CO2 per annum.
  • The canopy with solar panels on it can offer a great opportunity to teach children about renewable energy sources, sustainability and the climate emergency.
  • For example, a 75sqm south facing canopy with solar PV panels installed could generate:
    • Up to 12.16 KWP (kilowatt peak hours) output
    • Up to 2,667kg CO2 saved per annum
    • 3.5 years payback time (not including canopy)
    • (Output, payback time and CO2 saved will depend on size and location of PV installation)
Ideal for new and older buildings

Ideal for New and Older Buildings

  • Around 60% of school buildings in use today were built before 1976, according to the National Audit Office, which means the roofs are likely not suitable to support solar panels.
  • A solar PV canopy can overcome this challenge by providing a fully tested structure for the PV panels while also creating a useful covered outdoor space for dining, play or after school activities.
Installation Grid Connection

Installation & Grid Connection

  • We install the canopy and solar PV panels together, and our electricians connect the panels to the grid as part of our service. No hassle for you and your new canopy will begin generating electricity straightaway.
  • We can also retrofit solar panels onto our existing canopies.
  • Our installers are enhanced-DBS accredited for peace of mind.
Solar PV Banner ROI

Maximise ROI

  • As energy costs remain high, the renewable electricity a solar PV panel canopy provides a welcome offset, freeing up cash to spend on other things.
  • A solar PV canopy will pay for itself over the course of a few years.
  • Installing a canopy and solar panels together can give you access to a wider range of grants and funding opportunities than if you installed them separately.
outdoor shade canopy

How do I get a quote for a solar panel canopy?

  • Book your free onsite survey or online call with us via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • We’ll take measurements and discuss the scope of your project.
  • We’ll provide a quotation (including any groundworks required) and a bespoke report for your school, including the amount of electricity the canopy would generate, the payback time and CO2 emissions saved.
Glulam Timber School Canopy

How does the installation of the solar panels work with canopies?

  • Onsite, the canopy will be installed as normal by our enhanced-DBS accredited installers. They’ll also install the solar panels onto the roof.
  • Once the solar panels are in place, our electrician will connect the PV array to the grid via the inverter and carry out the necessary testing and certification.
  • The canopy is ready to start generating renewable energy, saving you money and thousands of kilograms of CO2 per year.
Glulam Timber School Canopy

What are the benefits of solar panels for schools?

  • Reduce CO2 emissions: Solar panels installations have several benefits for schools. They allow the school to generate its own clean renewable energy, reducing its CO2 emissions and contributing towards its sustainability and Net Zero goals.
  • Save Money: In addition, the energy the solar panels generate helps to reduce energy bills overall, freeing up money in the budget to be spent on other needs.
  • Educate and Engage: The final benefit that solar panels for schools offer is the opportunity to educate and engage students learning about sustainability, Net Zero and environmental issues.
Glulam Timber School Canopy

Solar Panels Canopies for Schools Cost

It’s hard to give standard prices for a solar panel canopy installation as it depends on a few factors, including:

  • The size of the canopy
  • Type of array – is it solar glass or solar panels installed over an existing roof?
  • Any additional accessories including battery storage
  • Groundworks requirements
  • If there are already solar panels on the site

You can expect a solar canopy installation to cost approximately 50% more than a standard canopy installation, however the actual cost may vary depending on the factors given above. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your individual circumstances.

Glulam Timber School Canopy

Solar Panel Canopies for Schools ROI

Typical return on investment, or payback time, for a solar panel installation on a canopy is 3-5 years. The location and orientation of the canopy can affect the amount of solar energy produced and thus the payback time – for example, a south-facing installation is likely to generate more energy than north facing.

Glulam Timber School Canopy

Solar Panels for Schools Funding

Government grants are available for schools to help pay for their solar projects, for example the £500m Energy Efficiency Grant. This is intended to fund not only renewables like solar panels, but energy-efficient building upgrades, including insulation, heating and other elements like light fittings. This is to help schools better manage their energy consumption and protect them against rising energy costs.

This funding may be contingent, however, on a comprehensive condition survey by an independent consultant, which the school may have to fund itself.

Other funding options include Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), where the installer finances the solar installation and retains ownership of it. The school pays a predetermined rate for the electricity generated, which is generally lower than market rates, saving them money in the long term.


What is solar glass?

Solar glass has photovoltaic (PV) modules (the same modules that make up solar panels) laminated into it. The modules are spaced at regular intervals, allowing light to filter through the glass room. Solar glass is ideal for covering large canopies where loss of light might be a concern.

Can solar panels just be integrated with an existing canopy?

When it comes to installing solar panels on an existing canopy, you have a couple of options. Depending on the situation, you can either install solar panels over the top, or take out the sheets and install solar glass instead.

Is a solar canopy worth it?

A solar canopy is definitely worth investing in as it’s benefits are two-fold: it provides useful covered space (whether as a walkway, dining canopy, playground canopy etc) and generates renewable energy at the same time, driving down your energy bills and saving tonnes of CO2

Do I need to get another company to do the solar panel installation on the canopy?

No, we will do everything – from groundworks and installation of the canopy to the solar panel installation. Electrical connections will be done by our qualified electricians, so you don’t have to go out and find other contractors and go through the hassle of dealing with someone extra to achieve what you want.

Our range of school canopies & shelters

Kensington designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of outdoor canopies for schools across the UK. Our installation services are available for all types of schools including early years to primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. We take pride in the quality of our school canopies, and the reliability of our installation work. Call us today and we can talk about the best type of canopies and playground shelters for your school, or see the further in-depth information and videos on this page.

Our range of school canopies

Durable Innovative fully recyclable 1

TimberPlus Canopies

Increased Outdoor Learning Opportunities benefots

Outdoor Learning Pods

Providing a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment is one of the primary goals of every school. Students need a great place to study, rest and have fun. Our canopies make ideal extensions of the classroom or canteen. They provide a relaxed and interesting environment, make full use of space and add interesting dimensions to teaching.

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