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Cycle shelters Designed For Schools and Commercial Properties

Kensington manufactures a vast range of cycle shelters in the UK. We combine decades of experience and extensive expertise to design and install a shelter that matches every school or commercial property’s needs.

School administrators and commercial property owners need a dedicated space for students and guests to park their bikes. As such, our clients come to us for cycle storage solutions that keep the area organised. We install a comprehensive range of durable cycle shelters for schools that protect against theft and harsh weather. Cyclists can then be confident about using the bicycles to go to school or work, knowing their bikes are safe.

In addition to providing security for cyclists, our cycle shelters are space saving solutions. The products can be fitted in different locations depending on which place is most suitable to your property’s layout. As a result, you can maximise the extra space around your property with our functional installations.

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cycle shelters for schools
Bike Shelters

Here at Kensington, we offer a wide assortment of bike canopies to complement your property. Our modular cycle shelters for schools are what you need to best utilise your property, securely store the bikes of students and guests and enhance the look of your site.

Kensington modular cycle shelter systems come in a range of different options, offering weather protection and secure storage for all school and commercial situations.

The modular form allows you to provide many cycle parking bays that can be created using our expandable, modular shelters.

School Cycle Shelter Solutions

Kensington’s cycle shelters for schools are designed to provide educational institutions with beautifully designed bike parking solutions.

Apart from aesthetics, our modular bike shelters are designed to give superior protection from weather and theft as well as smart, space-saving solutions. Talk to our team today and we can help you come up with cycle shelter solutions for your staff and students.

Cycle Shelters for Schools

Quality Bike Shelter Solutions from Kensington

At Kensington, you will find many practical options that you and your students and guests will appreciate. Our company benefits from more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high-quality bike shelters and other solutions such as walkway canopies, roof pergolas and window blinds.

If you are interested in installing cycle shelters in your school or office grounds, please feel free to give our team a call. To see some examples of our recent work, click on the link below.

Cycle Parking Solutions

Style, Durability and Function

Our bike shelters come from our stunning and durable Elk Range.

Embodying affordable urban design, each model is designed to fit the robustness and aesthetic requirements of a cosmopolitan environment.

Lockable cycle shelters can be created by effectively butting two of these shelters together. They can also be supplied with vented roofs.

ELK Stockholm

Enhance your property’s functionality and aesthetics with the Elk Stockholm cycle. Giving a tasteful mix of timber and metals, its modern yet natural look makes it a stunning cycle shelter.

ELK Velo

The ELK Velo takes the crown in modern yet simple, timeless With its minimalist design and curved PET-G UV2 sheeting, the ELK Velo is superior both in aesthetics and weather protection. Blend it with your landscaping in a powder coated colour of your choice.

ELK Soundwell Plus

From its geometric design to its range of vibrant colours, the ELK Soundwell Plus adds a fun element to a structure’s aesthetics while meeting bike shelter requirements

ELK Oslo

As a three-sided bike shelter, the ELK Oslo Cycle Shelter gives superior protection from the elements. Made with timber, the shelter’ aesthetics stands out in an urban environment.

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