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Bike Shelters for Schools

Kensington is one of the most trusted school bike shelter manufacturers in the UK. We bring decades of experience and extensive expertise to installing cycle shelters for schools, offering the best quality, secure shelters to give students peace of mind when bringing their bike to school.

  • Wide range of designs
  • Customisation to suit your needs
  • All groundworks included

“Great price, great product and a very personal service”

Facilities Manager, Downsview School

Benefits of our Bike Shelters for Schools

Secure Dry Storage for Bikes

Secure, Dry Storage for Bikes

Bike shelters in schools provide a dedicated storage area for children to store their bikes somewhere dry and secure.

Opting for a bike shelter with locking gates or a compound is the best way to guarantee the safety of the bikes of students and staff. Bikes can be damaged by being left out in the rain, and at risk of theft if not protected. Providing secure cycle storage is one of the easiest ways to encourage children to cycle to school.

velo compound

All Groundworks Included

A bike shelter needs a flat, level base to sit on to ensure it isn’t damaged by wind. This is usually concrete, since tarmac is too crumbly to provide a secure base.

We can provide all the necessary groundworks, including checking the area for any cables or pipes, excavating and pouring foundations, and making good afterwards, keeping hassle to a minimum for you.


Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Cycling to school encourages an active lifestyle and helps to increase children’s physical fitness. UK Government data shows that 25% of children aged 10-11 are obese, so cycling is a good way to incorporate extra activity into their day.

Cycling also promotes increased confidence and independence among children.

School canopy

Wide Range of Options

Bike shelters are available in a wide range of designs, from the classic steel quadrant design to timber options.

We can work with you to design or customise your shelter to suit your needs, from powdercoating colours, lock types and bike racks.

Our bike shelters for schools range

dark grey school canopy installed in front of white building


The classic quadrant design, a Velo bike shelter is both a versatile and cost-effective cycle parking solution manufactured from galvanised steel.

Powdercoating is available in a colour of your choice.

It’s also possible to add locking gates for additional security.

dark grey school canopy installed in front of white building

Velo Compound

The Velo can easily be made into a compound with two bike shelters facing each other, and locking gates on each end.

This is a secure, cost-effective and space efficient way to store large numbers of bikes.



A stunning, slightly rustic timber bike shelter manufactured from treated softwood, the Oslo bike shelter fits perfectly in schools and other settings.

Customisation is available, for example adding gates or fixed walls across the front or sides.



A Soundwell shelter typically has a roof, but not sides, meaning that it doesn’t provide weather protection as effectively as other types of shelters.

However, the Soundwell is a space-saving design that many schools choose to install because it can be positioned almost anywhere and accessed from both sides.



A stylish, secure cycle parking solution, the Stockholm features a steel frame with FSC-certified timber cladding on three sides.

It has hinged or sliding doors for access at the front and can accommodate many different types of cylce storage, including two tier racks, cycle hoops and semi-vertical racks.

Available in standard sizes or manufactured bespoke to your requirement.

outdoor shade canopy

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“They were polite and professional and their products are high quality – we’re very happy with the end result.”

Site Manager, Perry Court School

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Cycle Shelters for Schools in the UK

Kensington manufactures a range of cycle shelters for schools and offices here in the UK. We combine decades of experience and expertise to design and install a shelter that matches every schools needs.

School administrators need a dedicated space for students and guests to park their bikes. As such, our clients come to us for cycle storage solutions that keep the area organised.

outdoor shade canopy

Lockable Cycle Shelters for Schools

We install a comprehensive range of durable cycle shelters for schools that protect against theft and harsh weather. Cyclists can then be confident about using the bicycles to go to school or work, knowing their bikes are safe.

In addition to providing security for cyclists, our cycle shelters are space saving solutions. The products can be fitted in different locations depending on which place is most suitable to your school’s layout. As a result, you can maximise the extra space around your school with our functional installations.

outdoor shade canopy

Our Range of Bike Shelters to suit your school’s needs

Here at Kensington Systems, we offer a wide assortment of bike shelters to complement your property. Our modular cycle shelters for schools are what you need to best utilise your property, securely store the bikes of students and guests and enhance the look of your site.

Kensington Systems’ modular cycle shelters systems come in a range of different options, offering weather protection and secure bike storage for all school and commercial situations.

The modular form allows you to provide many cycle parking bays that can be created using our expandable, modular shelters.

Canopies for Schools

Why choose Kensington Systems for your School Bike Shelters

At Kensington Systems, you will find many practical options that you and your students and guests will appreciate. You will benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high-quality bike shelters and other solutions such as walkway canopies, dining canopies and playground shade sails for schools.

“From the initial design meeting all the way through to the end of the project Kensington have been great.”

Facilities Manager, Cotham School

outdoor canopy

Cycle Shelter Case Study – Northgate Primary School in Bridgewater

Kensington Systems installed a Velo quadrant style cycle shelter at this new school in Bridgwater.

The classic design provides weather protection for children’s bikes during the school day.

outdoor canopy

Bike Shelter Case Study – Warmley Park School in Glocestershire 

Warmley Park School caters for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties in South Gloucestershire.

As part of the school rebuild Kensington Systems designed and installed an Oslo timber cycle shelter, with a polycarbonate roof. The shelter’s all-timber design creates a rustic, natural ambience, while timber panels on three sides provide weather protection.

playground canopy

Cycle Shelter Case Study – The Deaf Academy in Exmouth

The Deaf Academy provides a school and further education for deaf young people in a specialised environment designed for their needs.

We installed a Velo cycle shelter with timber cladding on the roof and sides for greater robustness and weather protection, and a mesh sliding gate at the front for maximum safety.

outdoor canopy

Commercial Bike Shelter Case Study – Nokia Offices in Bristol

A Stockholm cycle shelter was installed at Nokia’s offices in Bristol to provide secure bike parking for staff.

The client chose a dark blue powdercoated steel frame, with treated timber walls and sides, sliding doors and semi-vertical cycle storage racks inside. These types of shelters are easily customised to suit individual client’s needs.

“They were very flexible and accommodating with different design ideas.”

Facilities Manager, Ryburn Valley High School

Cycle Shelters FAQs

What is a bike shelter and what is it for?

A bike shelter is an outdoor structure made from metal or wood that is specially designed to store bikes safely. They come in a wide variety of different designs and generally include bike racks, like hoops or two tier racks, which the bikes can be padlocked to. Bike shelters can be either open or have locking gates for extra security.

Do I have to have a cycle shelter by law?

There is no legal requirement for an existing school to install a cycle shelter. Schools are strongly encouraged to do so however to encourage more sustainable travel and healthier lifestyles for students.

Do you need planning permission for a school cycle shelter?

Installing a cycle shelter at your school is likely to fall under permitted development guidelines and therefore is not likely to require planning permission. The Town and Country Planning legislation allows cycle shelters for schools less than 100sqm, or less than 25% of the total floor space of an existing building (whichever is less), which have a height less than 5m and are located more than 5m away from the site boundary, to fall under permitted development regulations. If you are not sure however, it is best to check with the council.

How much space do I need for a cycle shelter?

Bike shelters can be as small or as large as you require, but a good starting point is to think about how many bikes you need to store. The recommended minimum width for a bike shelter is approx. 2m. For every 4m of length you can accommodate about 10 bikes (unless using 2 tier racks). So if you need a shelter to store 30 bikes, the shelter should be about 12m x 2m.

When planning the space for a cycle shelter it is a good idea to allow at least one to two metres free space in front of the storage area for manoeuvring cycles in and out. For a compound shelter, you should allow this space between rows of racks.

Cycle Shelter Image 6
Cycle Shelter Image 7

Get Bike Shelter prices

Cycle shelter prices will be affected by the design of the shelter, whether you choose to powdercoat the steel, and any extras like gates and padlocks. Steel bike shelters like the Velo or Soundwell offer best value for money, compared to a timber clad option like an Oslo or Stockholm shelter. You also need to take the cost of foundations into account. Usually recommended is a concrete raft foundation as this provides a secure base for the shelter. Individual footings can be installed instead if required, however these do not produce as good an end result.

What are bike stands for schools and what types are available?

Bike stands for schools are designed to safely store bikes and prevent their theft. The most common type is the Sheffield hoop, a simple, hardwearing steel design used . However, there are other types available, such as semi-vertical racks and two tier racks, designed to store bikes in a space-efficient way when space is limited. Get in touch to find out which bike stand would best suit your needs.

How can I make a cycle shelter secure and theft-proof?

To encourage people to use a cycle shelter, it is important to show that bikes will be safe in it. Using steel mesh instead of clear plastic, installing gates with combination padlocks or a swipe card entry system, lighting and even CCTV can all help reassure users that the shelter is secure. The shelter should also be located in a public area to deter any potential theft.

Bike shelter lead times

Bike shelter lead times are generally between six and ten weeks, depending on the design choices you make (for example, a powdercoated finish requires a longer lead time than galvanised only). Also, timber clad cycle shelters can have longer lead times than steel designs.

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