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5 Points to Consider When Specifying Renson® External Blinds

Renson® outdoor blinds are known as the quality exterior blind solutions on the market. Allowing you to control the temperature and privacy of a building at the click of a button, these products require only a one-off investment to provide long term and effective passive cooling.

These durable window coverings must be specified and fitted correctly for the best results, as the devil is in the detail. If a blind is not used in the correct application and does not fit properly, you will find that solar gain starts to seep into the building, defeating the installation purpose!

How can you specify these blinds correctly? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Renson® External Blinds?

Renson® blinds are a method of achieving thermal comfort by minimising solar gain within a building. Not only are these fully Part O compliant, but they are an intelligent technology solution which gives a contemporary finish to any home or commercial space.

By installing the blind on the building’s exterior, no heat can reach the glass, meaning rooms of all sizes stay cool. The durable material is also perfect for maintaining a light but cool ambience within the building, as sunlight is still allowed through. Gone are the days of having to cloak a room in darkness to keep it cool or overuse the air conditioning; with these blinds, you can do the job at the click of a button.

Specifying External Blinds – The Considerations

As expert installers, we know exactly what needs to be accounted for to get the perfect product fitted. Renson is known for being one of the leading European manufacturers of external blinds and shading systems, with their products being installed in countries all over the world.

When specified correctly, you can fit blinds to any windows, whether large or small, for a long-term solution, taking the following points into consideration.


These external blinds are suitable for all windows, but knowing the orientation is important as it affects elements such as the blind type, size, mechanism, and installation method.

Renson Topfix is designed for horizontal or sloping windows or skylights, whilst Renson Fixscreen is intended for vertical windows and doors. Renson Panovista is part of the Fixscreen range but is designed specifically for glass-on-glass corner glazing where no mullions are used.


Generally, the Topfix blind can cover up to 30 sqm, while a Fixscreen can cover up to 22 sqm. This means that even floor-to-ceiling windows can be covered. The size will dictate the product and fixing method, so accurate measurements are required.

You will also need to consider the size of the window you are specifying if you intend to fit external blinds as well – for example, if you would like a single blind to cover the window, or if more than one blind is required.

Installation Type

Renson® exterior blinds are available in large sizes and therefore require ground or roof fixing for support. Fixscreen and Panovista blinds are designed to be self-standing and will be supported from the floor. However, fixing the headbox to the wall is recommended to prevent any potential deflection.

Topfix blinds will require reasonable fixing grounds around the roof light. For this reason, frameless roof lights are unsuitable for retrofitting exterior blinds. This is because there is no way to fix them other than directly onto the roof, which risks damaging its water tightness.

If you want to recess fit the blinds into soffits, it is important to ensure the cavity space is large enough to accommodate the headbox. You can download technical drawings for each blind from our website to check this.


Renson® blinds are available in a vast array of colours, powdercoating finishes and blind fabrics. This gives you almost unlimited customisation options and the ability to match the blind finish as closely as possible to the building aesthetic. Contact us to find out more about the the frame and fabric colours on offer.


Renson® external blinds are powered by a mains-operated electric motor so considerations need to be made for the installation and ongoing protection of these components. The installation and usability is simple, so once in place you can use the blinds right away.

You need to consider how clients would like the blinds to be operated – for example by wall switch, remote control, or via an app?

For wired-in blinds, fused spurs will also need to be located near the blinds for wiring up once installed. Alternatively, ‘plug-and-play’ options are also available where blinds can be connected to an outdoor-rated plug

Home automation integration is also possible – please contact one of our experts to discuss.

Explore Our  Renson® External Blinds Collection

By specifying your new external blinds correctly, you have more chance of having the perfect fit upon installation. With benefits including passive cooling, cost savings on utilities and improved privacy, now is the time to consider your fitting. And if you have any queries, we are here to advise you. Contact us to learn more.

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